At Empire Closets we offer custom design services for many different rooms in your home. With each project, we strive to help clients bring their design dreams to life, helping you to make the most of your space! We offer custom design services for all different types of rooms and areas of your home, including mudrooms and entryways.

What is a Mud Room?
A mudroom can be a valuable addition to any home and provides homeowners with an area that helps to separate the inner living space from the outside. Traditionally, a mudroom is along a secondary entrance of a home and offers a dedicated area for removing boots, coats, shoes and other accessories and articles of clothing that might be dirty or in some cases ‘muddy’. Mudrooms are generally used to ensure the rest of the home is kept clean and tidy, and doesn’t get exposed to dirt, debris and other unwanted materials from the outside. Mudrooms also offer quality storage space and more.

Adding a Mudroom to Your Home!
Popularized during the 1950’s and 60’s, for many years, homes across New York City were built without mudrooms in mind, but in recent years designers have seen more of a need and sought to bring back such classic elements into their designs. If you are looking to add a mudroom it’s important to have the adequate space allocated or consider some renovations to your existing home or property. A mudroom needs to have some adequate storage space, so it’s vital that you decide on an area that will work in terms of square footage and area. Some of the key aspects to a mudroom include:

  • Benches & Seating – A bench seat is a classic addition to any mudroom and offers homeowners a place to sit comfortably and remove shoes, boots and other accessories, as they enter their home and look to get away from the elements of the outside world.
  • Storage – Practicality is key to any quality mudroom, and having cubbies, cabinets, shelves, boxes, drawers and more offer homeowners the storage space they need for items like shoes, boots, outerwear accessories, and certain seasonal items.
  • Furniture – This is dependent on the space you might have available, but at Empire we seek to create areas that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Having quality furniture can be a nice touch to any mudroom in NYC.
  • Proper Flooring – The point of your mudroom is to be able to brave elements like mud! So in order to do so, you need quality flooring that can withstand elements and take a beating. Ideal flooring for a mudroom include hardwoods, polished concrete, tiling linoleum and more.
  • Lighting – Overhead lighting and things like wall sconces can add the quality touches you need in your mudroom while providing homeowners with the lighting they need when coming home on a dark, rainy night.

For more information on mudrooms and other spaces, be sure to contact Empire Closets today.


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